Email Marketig

Every email which we send, we treat your subscribers like the people you want to reach. Not like a bunch of leads, you try to limit to one size fits all.

Want to increase cross-border e-commerce sales, but don’t know where to spend your marketing budget? Here is what you need to know64% of companies consider email marketing to be the most effective marketing channel for cross-border e-commerce. Even with many other new marketing channels such as social media, short messages and mobile app advertising, email marketing is a very effective solution.

If nothing else, as technology continues to improve, email marketing may become even more effective. Email opening rates, interactions, deals, the number of emails sent and the traffic received via email are all increasing.

Once customers make a purchase, they will become more compelled to make a successful purchase as email marketing can recommend related products through the customer’s purchase history. Upselling and cross-selling are great ways to turn a single small sale into higher sales. 

E-commerce email marketing can also be used to remind users to drop items in their shopping carts, provide confirmation of completed services, welcome new users and email subscribers.

Increasing e-commerce sales is not necessarily difficult. With the right email marketing agency, you can reach interested sales customers directly without lifting a finger. In terms of e-commerce, this is probably the most attractive marketing method.

You should use email to build existing relationships with your subscribers and leads by providing relevant and valuable information that will help them achieve their goals.

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