Pay Per Click (PPC)

Search engines are the center of the online world. So make sure you are there too with an effective Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy from Tech Maania.

PPC advertising is an increasingly vital part of any successful site’s approach to marketing. By investing in keywords that best describe what you do; a link to your website will be displayed within the search engine. And the rule of thumb is, the closer to the top you appear, the more people visit your site. Simple. Well the concept is, the methodology is a little more complicated we’re afraid.

Expert management

Successful PPC strategies don’t happen on their own. And with fierce competition for the most effective keywords, ensuring an impressive return on investment takes a bit of planning.

Our professional PPC advertising team will work with you to create a strategy based on hard data, expert analysis and time-proven processes to make sure you are always getting the best possible results. From devising how much to spend on popular, hence expensive, words, to creating an extensive list of words and phrases that will drive traffic, we think of everything.

But you don’t just need the right people, you need the right software too. We only use the industry’s best software to test each keyword you are bidding on. Different bid prices at different times are tested and our system ‘learns’ what works best.

And that’s just the start of it.


Nothing changes faster than the internet. And to make sure your PPC advertising keeps pace, our experts and their advanced software constantly refine the campaign to meet, sorry exceed, your objectives.

Hands-on bid management is critical to your success, but don’t worry, you’re in the best possible hands. Our up-to-the-minute monitoring can channel your daily, weekly or monthly budget to the keywords that are netting the best results.

Always in the picture


At Tech Maania we have a long history of keeping our clients totally up to date with their PPC advertising. Our in-depth reporting and analysis provides you with tangible information on what keywords are working and which ones are not. We can even tell you which keywords lead to the most conversions and how much it has cost to deliver that conversion.