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As soon as the ‘enter’ key is hit on the keyboard, the first thing that strikes a user is the design of the website. It is determined in fewer than five seconds whether a user would stay on your website or not. First impression is not the last impression- this may be true of human beings. But as for websites, first impressions are definitely the last ones because if not impressed at once, no one would come back for a second look. Thus getting the right first look for your site is more important than anything else.

The internet is now used for any and everything under the roof of the sun. Whether it is your son’s math homework or you have to find about the latest trend in the share market, everything is right there. From physical well-being to spiritual guidance, from recipes of chocolate cakes to the physics theorems, there is nothing that isn’t there on the internet. As they commonly say that if it is not on the internet, it doesn’t exists. And the use of the internet is too quite extensive. Everybody refers the net for everything. This has thus resulted in creation of innumerable websites.

Every business whether online or traditional, to a great extent depends on the website for the business for its recognition and popularity. Having a website gives your business an altogether new level of accessibility. People from all across the world can see what you are selling. Having a website has become crucial in every realm of business. Not only business, even individuals otherwise depend on websites for information and entertainment.

There are sure millions of sites on the net. But not every site is popular, not every site is used, not every site is good enough to stay on. There are quite a few factors that decide the popularity of a site. The content of the site, the ease with which you can navigate through the site etc. determine how frequently a user would access your site. But undoubtedly the most important factor that decides the success of your site is the design.

The way your website is developed is very important. Once you get the basics of your website design right, the rest can be managed pretty easily. Make sure that the website design is modern and has an appealing look. It should be pleasing to anyone who sees it and should be attractive. Create the website design in accordance with the target audience. A site that sells baby diapers would have a different design from that offering spa services. The design should be in harmony with your business and should have appropriate the tone.


The site should be easy to navigate. It would take a user less than 10 seconds to get away from the site if in case he is having problem in going through the site. If anyone is going through your site, it is either for work or for pleasure. And in both cases they would not want to be hassled by it. The design of your site should be such that it is a treat for the user to explore it. Also make sure that your website is quick to upload. Time is money these days. No one would spare more than a few seconds to wait for your site to load- they neither have time nor do they have the patience.


There are a number of pre-made templates that you can use for your site. This saves on both money and time. But this is really not that great an idea. It is best to get your site custom made. This allows your site to be different from others and be as creative and appealing as possible. You can either have a simple website or complex one. But the key is to keep it attractive. Usually a simple website is preferred over a complex one to increase its usability. Though the site may look simple on the surface, but a lot goes into making it look that way.

Earlier anyone could patch up a few photos and some random text and make it look like a serious affair. But the users today are much more sophisticated and knowledgeable. They get to know in an instant whether something is genuinely useful or just some shoddy site. Thus with the right design only you can increase the prominence of your site. Everything else will come later. Make sure to hire the best experts available for the website designing who are professional and can deliver you results that would actually benefit you.


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Aenean eu leo quam. ornare sem lacinia quam venenatis. Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare 

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